2010 Lexus RX Dash Kits

2010 Lexus RX
Piping hot! We already have it B&I 2010 Lexus RX dash kits to make your fresh ride the freshest. B&I offers you the automotive innovations for the customization of 2010 vehicles.

2009 Toyota Venza Dash Kits

2009 Toyota Venza
Choose from the wide range of premium surfacing materials to pick the perfect match for your 2009 Toyota Venza.

2010 Mazda 3 Dash Kits

2010 Mazda 3
Shop for 2010 Mazda 3 dash kits here at WoodView. We will help you personalize your new Mazda to bring even more comfort and luxury to it's interior that will never wear off.

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2D Wood Dash Kits laser cutting technology, the sets of flat pieces are applied on the dashes with flat and/or slightly curved sufraces. During installation the pieces are warmed to gain flexibility for the perfect fit.

  * Available for the majority of vehicles.
 * Wide range of premium materials and colors to choose from, including multiple types of Carbon Fibres and Real woods.
  * Installation kit contains more pieces in it.
  * Lifetime Warranty.
  * Easy to install.


2D Sherwood Dash Kits 2D Wood Dash Kits 2D B&I Dash Kits 2D Dash Kits

Your ride's interior deserves nothing but the lifelong quality. With Sherwood Dash Kits you will easily bring your interior to the top level of luxury. Sherwood creates Dash Kits for the largest variety of vehicles due to precise design works and most genuine veneers, making these dash kits the most desired modification for any dash.

2D Wood Grain Dash Kits

B&I Wood Dash Kits breathe new life into your vehicle's interior, bringing a spirit of luxury that never leaves. It is time to class up your ride with carbon fibres, real woods and other choices of premium materials. Forget about plain factory interiors. Create real comfort and the atmosphere of luxury by adding unique accents to your car's interior. There is no better way to make it really "Custom".

2D Wood Grain Dash Kits


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Here at Woodview we know what it takes to make your ride a real reflection of your personality. Give it a personal touch with, choosing the best from our unrivaled selection of Wood Dash Kits, Billet Grills, Custom Spoilers, Chrome Accessories and other accessories that will make it shine. No more limited choices!
Our staff is always here to help you dress up your ride at the largest online automotive wardrobe!
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